Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skimo Straps elastic?

No, they're not designed to stretch.

How much do they weigh?

Less than 30 grams a piece. (That's lighter than most stock Velcro power straps)

What is the buckle made of?

PA66 plastic.

How wide and long are they?

One inch wide and 23 inches long, which is probably longer than you'll need. You may prefer to trim the length slightly. We recommend lightly melting the trimmed end to prevent fraying.

What's the difference between Skimo Straps and Booster Straps?

Booster Straps are patented elastic power straps and weigh about 82 grams a piece. Skimo Straps are non-elastic and super lightweight (less than 30 grams) specifically for backcountry skiers. Both use spring loaded cam-buckles to tighten and release tension on the strap.

Will Skimo Straps work on my boots?

Probably. We haven't tried them on every boot in the universe, but they're suitable for everything from skimo race boots to 4-buckle beef boots. They even make great additions to boots that didn't come with power straps.

How do I install them?

It's very easy. Check out the installation page here. We supply all the hardware you're likely to need.