Installing Skimo Straps on a Scarpa F1

Step 1: Remove your old power straps


Scarpa F1

The Scarpa F1 power straps are held on with a plastic clip. Twist the clip 90 degrees to remove it from the boot. Spread the clip open slightly with your fingers and pull on the strap to remove it. 

Step 2: Position your Skimo Strap 
Put one boot on, and wrap a Skimo Strap around the cuff in about the same position as your old strap. You'll want the buckle on the outside your boot for easy access. 


Scarpa F1
Loop the end of the Skimo Strap through the buckle and pull tight. Reposition the strap as needed. Mark on the strap the position of the clip attachment point on the boot cuff. You should be doing this step with the boot on your foot.

Step 3: Poke some holes
Release your Skimo Strap and take your boot off. 

skimo strap

Fold the strap lengthwise at the point you marked in Step 2. With a sharp pair of scissors, snip a small hole in the strap. Use a pointy object like a pen or screw driver to enlarge the hole.

skimo strap

Pro Tip - Melting a hole into the strap with a soldering iron is a quick and clean alternative. Be careful not to create too large of a hole, or burn yourself.

On the Scarpa F1 you'll be using the blue plastic washers included with your Skimo Straps. Enlarge the hole in your strap so the small lip on the washer can fit through. It's helpful to clean up any frayed threads that might be in the way.

Skimo Strap

 Step 4: Mount 'em

Pass the end of the Skimo Strap through the plastic clip. Insert the blue plastic washer into the hole you created so it's on the outside of the strap as shown below.

skimo strap
skimo strap

Slide the strap and washer inside the plastic clip until you feel it snap into place. Spreading the clip open slightly with your fingers can be helpful.

Note: The stock straps on the Scarpa F1 have additional holes on each side that engage with small pins on the boot cuff. You may choose to add some small holes in your Skimo Straps to engage with these pins, but we think it's unnecessary. 

Reinstall the plastic clip and strap onto your boot, and you're done!

Scarpa F1

You may prefer to trim down your Skimo Strap to a shorter length. Measure twice, cut once! Lightly melting the end of the strap is recommended to prevent fraying.