How to replace stock power straps

Step 1: Remove your old power straps

Skimo strap

Most likely they're held on with small screws. If they're riveted on, you'll need a drill to remove the rivets.

Step 2: Position your Skimo Strap 
Put a boot on, and wrap a Skimo Strap around the cuff in the desired position. You'll want the buckle on the outside your boot for easy access. 
Dynafit vulcan
Loop the end of the Skimo Strap through the buckle and pull tight. Reposition the strap as necessary. Mark on the strap the position of the mounting hole or holes in your boot cuff. You should be doing this step with the boot on your foot.

Step 3: Poke some holes
Release your Skimo Strap and take your boot off. 



power strap

Fold the strap lengthwise at the point or points you marked in Step 2. With a sharp pair of scissors, snip a very small hole in the strap. Use a pointy object like a pen or screw driver to enlarge the hole just enough for the screw to fit through. 

power strap

Pro Tip - Melting a hole into the strap with a soldering iron is a quick and clean alternative. Be careful not to create too large of a hole, or burn yourself.

 Step 4: Mount 'em

We recommend reusing the original nuts and bolts to avoid modifications to your boot shells. Repeat this process on the other boot, and it's time to go skiing!

Skimo strap


You may prefer to trim down your Skimo Strap to a shorter length. Measure twice, cut once! Lightly melting the end of the strap is recommended to prevent fraying. 

Step 5:  If your straps were riveted on...

You'll need to use the supplied mounting hardware kit. We've supplied bolts, washers, and clinch nuts that will work for most boot applications.

Place the clinch nut on the inside of your boot cuffs with the serrated side facing the plastic.

skimo strap

Thread the supplied bolt through your Skimo Strap and into the clinch nut until tight. Washers can be used under the bolt head if needed to adjust how far the end of the bolt protrudes.

Skimo strap

If you are mounting to boot cuffs thicker than 4.5mm, you may need our Thick Cuff Hardware kit.