Skimo Strap Power Straps
Skimo Strap
Skimo Strap Power Straps
Skimo Strap

Skimo Strap Power Straps

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THE backcountry skier's power strap of choice!
Those Velcro power straps on your backcountry boots are a pain, but all the other options are super heavy, right?
Not any more! Skimo Straps are the alternative you've been looking for. The ultra-light cam-buckle design will give you painless transitions and more power, all without adding weight to your boots.
    • Ultra-lightweight at under 30 grams.
    • Simple transitions - pull to tighten, press to release.
    • More Power!
    • No Velcro to deal with.
    • Easy to install on any ski boot.
Your Skimo Strap set includes:
2 x Skimo Strap power straps
Standard cuff mounting hardware kit (works with most alpine touring boots)
- - - - - - - - - - -
If you're adding power straps to your backcountry ski boots, you may need a 5.5mm drill bit - available here.
If you're mounting your Skimo Straps to a boot with a cuff thicker than 4.5mm, you may want our thick cuff hardware kit.